Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your name?


How old are you? 

17 years

How tall are you? 

Around 5ft, 8in.

Where do you live? 

Washington state, near Seattle.

Why have you been ignoring my asked? 

I never ignored you, I just can’t reply to everything, I do read all of them though!

Can I add you on facebook?

Not unless we become friends or something.

How long have you had your tumblr? 

Like two or three years

Favorite music/bands? 

Here's some music that I like!

What’s your relationship status?


How many followers do you have?

Doesn’t matter.

What’s your theme? 

I made it.

What’s your favorite color?


What makes you follow someone? 

I donno, I have to like what they post and stuff

If I ever asked you to check out my blog, would you?

I probably would